Maine National Bank

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Temporarily closed to public due to COVID-19. You can still take pictures of the outside of the building.

This former private bank was started by the Freer Brothers in 1874. In 1917 the bank became known as The Farmers Bank. The vault’s 13-ton door was delivered from Akron by a team of eight horses. To unload the door from the wagon, 100 pounds of bananas were used to grease the planks. The door hinges alone weighed three tons!

Crosby Advisory Group, LLC.

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Shawshank Trail Fun Fact

Andy visits the “Maine National Bank” near the end of the movie. Wearing a pinstriped suit and well shined shoes, he walks into the bank and says he’s Randall Stephens, a name up until now had only existed on paper. He had come to close his accounts. The manager checks his IDs as the teller prepares his check.

He visits a dozen banks throughout the day leaving with Warden Norton’s money in the sum of $370,000. Before Andy leaves, he hands the teller a letter for their outgoing mail. The letter was addressed to the Portland Daily Bugle where Andy had mailed the black ledger and files of Warden Norton, which would make breaking news the next day. The vault door, teller line and one of the offices upstairs were a part of this film.

The late Jim Kisicki, who played the bank manager in The Shawshank Redemption, talks with fans during the 20th Anniversary in 2014.