Shawshank Oak Tree

Near Malabar Farm State Park

Since the fall of the tree due to high winds on July 29, 2011 and July 22, 2016, the remains of the tree have been removed from the property.  The location continues to be a filming site on the Trail.

Recall in the movie how Red walked along a hayfield and removed stones from a rock wall where Andy left a gift for him. You can actually see where the tree stood for yourself right off of Pleasant Valley Road in Lucas, Ohio near Malabar Farm State Park. Driving west along Pleasant Valley Road just past the Malabar Farm Restaurant, look to your right to see the location where the Shawshank oak tree once proudly stood.

Directions leaving Red’s Bus Ride (Hagerman Rd. and Route 95):
From the corner of Hagerman Road and Route 95, left onto Route 95. Left onto Route 603. Left onto Pleasant Valley Road. Oak tree will be approximately .8 miles on right on Pleasant Valley Road.  Distance from Hagerman Road and Route 95: 4.2 miles.

Message to Shawshank Fans

Where the oak tree stood is on private property, which is being used as agricultural farmland. Help out our local farmers and PLEASE respect the owners property by refraining from trespassing. Do not climb over the fence or stop on the road to view where the tree once stood. It is best viewed on Malabar Farm’s property across the road in the pull-off area in the field.

Enjoy memories of the Shawshank Oak Tree-